As skin experts, Dr. Hurt and Dr. Boler are well trained to treat your skin care needs with laser procedures.  The Excel V Laser is a state of the art laser used to treat sun damage on the face or body (including brown spots), facial redness, blood vessels on the face, leg veins, and many other conditions.  The Excel HR Laser is a brand new technology designed to effectively perform hair removal and is safe for all skin types.  Both lasers are designed with a cooled sapphire tip to minimize patient discomfort.

Types of Laser Procedures 

Excel V - The Cutera Excel V laser has two different wavelengths - 532 nm and 1064 nm - which allow it to treat a broad range of skin concerns.  It has a cooling tip to make each procedure as comfortable as possible.  The following is a list of just a few skin conditions that are effectively treated with the Excel V.  

  • Skin blotchiness with redness or brown spots

  • Sun spots

  • Small blood vessels or redness associated with rosacea

  • Leg veins


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Hair Removal - The Cutera HR laser also has two different wavelengths - 755 and 1064 - as well as a larger handpiece that allows unwanted hair to be treated in a quick, effective treatment.  Light and dark skin types can be safely treated.


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Check out these before and after pictures of our Cutera Excel V Laser.

Check out these before and after pictures for our Cutera HR Laser. 

Check out these before and after pictures of our IPL Laser! 

Watch an entire Cutera Excel V Laser treatment!

Watch an entire Laser Hair Removal Procedure!

Watch an entire IPL Laser treatment!