Getting That Safe Summer Glow

Whether you tan easy in the sun or you burn fast, you SHOULDN’T be outdoor or bed tanning! We know you’ve heard this time and time again about the dangers of the sun, but that summer bronze color can be addicting. Magnolia Dermatology has the answer a beautiful tan the safe way with self-tanners all the while, saving yourself from effects of sun damage which includes skin cancer. My favorite self-tanner is FakeBake Flawless. It’s quick, easy, and I can do it right at home! Check out my self-tanning tips below to achieve a safe bronzey glow!

  • Start off by exfoliating and shaving the morning before you intend to tan. Exfoliating and shaving hours before you apply your tan allows your pores to close while still keeping a hairless soft base for your tan. I like using the FakeBake exfoliating wipes because they are quick and fit right into my morning routine.

  • Apply lotion heavily to hands, feet, elbows, and knees. This helps keep the streakiness away in these areas.

  • Apply your FakeBake Flawless spray onto the mitt, and then

  • Sleep overnight with your bronzy glow and rinse in the morning! This lets the color really sink into your skin.

  • Keep your tan looking fresh by moisturizing morning and night. Apply another layer every other night if you want to stay super bronzy!

Use these tips and get your bronzy glow the safe way for summer! But don't forget, even though you have your beautiful bronze FakeBake Tan, you still have to take steps to protect your skin from the dangers of the sun. When purchasing your FakeBake product at Magnolia Dermatology, our staff can help you pair a sunscreen to use with it especially for your skin types.

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