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Revision Intellishade Original 

      anti-aging tinted moisturizer with sunscreen                                                                                           75

Revision Intellishade Matte 

     anti-aging tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and a matte finish                                                         75

Revision Multi-Protection 

     strong blend of antioxidants and sun protection                                                                                     75

Revision Brightening Face Wash 

      ultra-rich rejuvenating cleanser for brighter skin                                                                                31.5

Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser 

     gently polishes away dead surface cells and nourishes skin with Papaya Extract                         31.5

Revision DEJ Face Cream 

     a unique blend of ceramide, herbal extracts, and peptides for younger looking skin                    140

Revision Vitamin C 15% Lotion 

     a full line-up of antioxidants and an advanced form of Vitamin C for radiant skin                       86

Revision Vitamin C 30% Lotion 

     complex antioxidants with one of the strongest concentrations of Vitamin C                              119

Revision Revox 7 

     peptide-rich serum for reducing the appearance of expression lines                                            130

Teamine Eye Complex 

     advanced technology with a multi-mechanism approach to dark circles around the eyes        81

Revision Nectifirm 

     plant extracts and unique biotechnical blends for a smoother, firmer neck                                 92

Revision Nectifirm Advanced 

     designed to target moderate to advanced visible signs of aging and reduce                               133

     the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Revision Hydrating Serum 

     keeps skin uniformly hydrated and alleviates tightness and moisturizes without                  82.50

    leaving skin feeling sticky 

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